The usage method is basically the same as the tab plugin for jQuery UI.ย It was because I felt that the UI tab was too bloated to write this simple plugin.ย The packaged version of this plugin is only 1.5K.
If you want to receive using ajax, you need to specify the rel attribute of the a tag in li.
Right click to open the source code of this page, the basic example is included in this code.

There are also some parameters that can be seen in the source code.
This version prevents fast switching and adds mouse event options.

The latest update on March 19: Fixed a bug that IE6 can’t use, and now supports most browsers.

The latest update on October 20: When using AJAX, the second activation of the tab is no longer AJAX read. Save resources. Add multiple parameters such as the default tab option, which can be viewed in the source code.

Latest update on January 18: Join the automatic switching feature.